Fence Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining woven wire fences, understanding the difference in maintenance required for low carbon steel fences versus high tensile fences is essential. The primary distinction between the two types lies in their elasticity properties. Low carbon steel essentially behaves like plastic and does not recover when stretched. In contrast, high tensile fences are elastic and can recover after stretching.

To ensure low carbon steel fences remain in top condition, it is critical to carry out regular maintenance activities such as tightening loose wires, repairing damaged areas, and keeping vegetative growth in check. In contrast, high tensile fences need less maintenance due to their elasticity properties. However, it is still necessary to carry out routine inspections and make necessary repairs as needed. Regardless of the type of fence, changes in temperature result in regular stretching and contraction, making it essential to check them frequently to maintain their structural integrity. By carrying out routine checks and maintenance activities, both low carbon steel and high tensile fences can last for many years.