Sheep & Goat

Easy Install

Looking for a durable and reliable fence to protect your goats? Look no further than our 48″ and 60″ high square knot goat fence. Made with hi-tensile steel wire, this fence is built to withstand even the toughest conditions and keep your goats safely contained.

The square knot design not only adds to the fence’s strength but also makes it easy to install and maintain. Its height makes it perfect for larger livestock, such as adult goats, and keeps them from jumping or climbing over.

Number of line wires

48 Overall fence height in Inches 

 Standard height goat and sheep fence. The 4″ spacing prevents goats and lambs from getting their heads caught in the net. The 48″ height will contain most goats  

Number of line wires

 Overall fence height in Inches 

 A taller goat fence to contain larger breeds 

Description Roll LengthWeight lbsRolls / PalletBest for
1348-4 Square Knot Sheep & Goat Fence330’ | 660’ 240 | 480 6 | 44' tall fence with a 4"x 4" grid
1660-4 Square Knot Sheep & Goat Fence330' | 660'310 | 6204 | 25' tall fence with a 4"x 4" grid